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Stop Mosquitoes from taking over your home

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We understand how you just want to enjoy your little slice of outside in comfort, but nothing ruins that faster than mosquitoes. We’ll help you reduce the mosquito population around your home so you can have those summer nights you dream of.

Why Mosquito Control is so important

At Beeline, we know how frustrating and uncomfortable it can be to have mosquitoes buzzing around your yard, driving you and your family indoors rather than enjoying the good weather. Mosquito control is a vital aspect of keeping your family safe and comfortable. Their itchy bites can spread harmful diseases such as malaria, dengue, yellow fever, West Nile virus, and Zika virus.

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Ways to Prevent Mosquito Infestation
  1. Identify where mosquitoes come from
  2. Protect yourself with mosquito repellent
  3. Treat standing water in your yard to prevent mosquitoes
  4. Use bug zappers to attract and kill mosquitoes
  5. Use plants and oils as a natural mosquito repellent for yards
  6. Prevent mosquitoes with candles and torches
  7. Eliminate standing water and avoid over-watering your lawn

Our team will gladly share strategies to keep pests, including mosquitoes, at bay.

Get needed mosquito exterminator and pest control services from Beeline Pest control. We help protect you and your family with mosquito control. Their population on your property will fall using a carefully formulated insecticide that is safe for you and your pets.

Facts about Mosquitoes:

1. Disease Transmitters
The number of people getting diseases transmitted by mosquitoes, tick and flea bites has more than tripled in the United States in recent years.

2. Deadliest Animal
Mosquitoes are responsible for more human deaths each year than any other animal and have caused more deaths than all the wars in history.

Mosquito biting

3. Vaccine Availability
For most of these diseases, there are no vaccines or treatment. The only way to fight back is through mosquito control.

4. Reproduction Rate
A female mosquito can lay as many as 300 eggs at one time and produce up to 3,000 during her life span.

Questions that People Most Frequently Ask Us

Take a look at some of the typical questions that pop up in the minds of our clients

Do mosquitoes have human DNA?

While the blood that they carry has the DNA of humans, the DNA does not transfer to the mosquito. It is the same as humans eating a hamburger, we don’t gain the DNA from the meat.

Can mosquitoes bite dogs or cats?

Yes, mosquitoes can bite dogs and cats. However, they are not as likely to transmit diseases to them as they are to humans.

How do I know I have a mosquito problem?

The best way to know if you have a mosquito problem is to look for signs of infestation, such as standing water, mosquitoes, or if you and your family are getting bit.

What attracts mosquitoes to my home or business?

There are a few things that can attract mosquitoes to your home or business. standing water, sweet or salty foods, and dark colors can all attract mosquitoes.

When are mosquitoes most active?

Mosquitoes are most active at dawn and dusk. They usually avoid the heat of the day and will also hide in shady areas.

Where do mosquitoes live?

Mosquitoes live in wet, humid environments. They typically lay their eggs in standing water, so you’re likely to find them near ponds, lakes, and marshes.

How many times can a mosquito bite you?

A mosquito does not actually bite, but inserts a tube (called a stinger), deposits an anti-coagulant to stop the blood from clotting, and the blood then flows to the mosquito. It can ‘bite’ you multiple times, but will stop once it has filled its storage pouch with blood.

How long does a mosquito live?

The average lifespan of a mosquito is about two weeks. However, some mosquitoes can live up to six months if they’re in a protected environment like a cave.

Can mosquitoes smell blood type?

Yes, mosquitoes can smell blood type. They are attracted to the chemicals in our skin that are related to our blood type. So, if you have Type O blood, you’re more likely to be bitten by a mosquito than someone with Type A blood.

Do mosquitoes spread diseases?

Yes, mosquitoes can spread diseases. They are most commonly known for spreading malaria, but they can also transmit other diseases like Zika virus, dengue fever, and chikungunya.